I’m Tooka, a traveler, an artist, a student, and a warrior of the light, here to share with you my journey across three continents.
I’m multilingual, and multicultural. I express myself through writing, drawing and photography.

I practice yoga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have recently delved into surfing, and love it! I find my truest self in the ocean, and I’m highly passionate about its preservation.
I like to write about travel, sustainable destinations, and environmental protection.
I’m also inspired by minimalism, Feng Shui, and natural health and beauty products. My pillars in life are sustainability, simplicity and serenity.

I have settled in Portugal as of October 2018, and starting life anew. I’m exploring my passions more deeply, and setting my ideals accordingly.  I would like my insight and actions to contribute to enlightenment, and environmentalism.